Policy: 122

Safety in the Workplace - Safety Committee


  1. MDCBDSN has appointed a Safety Committee to oversee the Agency's policies and procedures. The Committee's responsibilities include:
    1. Monitoring compliance with Agency safety rules and regulations and the applicable safety and health standards established as a result of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and any other applicable federal, state, or local employee safety laws or regulations.
    2. Developing and implementing written safety plans or programs as needed.
    3. Reviewing, correcting, and reducing recognized unsafe and unhealthful working conditions or potential hazards.
    4. Conducting semi-annual safety and health inspections of all work areas, machinery, equipment, and any recognized potential hazards at agency facilities.
    5. Representing the Agency during investigations conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA"), by any other federal, state, or local safety and health personnel, or by insurance underwriting representatives.
    6. Review fire drills, test fire safety equipment, and enforce no smoking policies where appropriate.
    7. Developing contingency disaster preparedness plans.
    8. Posting notices as may be required by law or by the organization's insurance carrier.
    9. Evaluating the effectiveness of the Agency's safety program.
    10. Will conduct follow-up inspections as needed to ensure appropriate follow-through with corrective action plans.
    11. The chairman of the Safety Committee will report to the agency Quality Assurance / Risk Management committee as needed.

  2. Employees should report to their supervisor all observed safety and health violations, potentially unsafe conditions, and any accidents resulting in injuries to employees or customers. Violations of MDCBDSN safety rules, regulations or procedures will result in disciplinary action.
  3. MDCBDSN will provide special clothing or equipment, or reimburse for it, when such clothing or equipment is required by law or by Agency policy. Employees are responsible for the proper use and maintenance of such clothing and equipment.

All employees should be notified that they may be required to submit to medical examinations and tests whenever there is reason to believe that they were unduly exposed to toxic substances or harmful physical agents.


It is the policy of MDCBDSN to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local health and safety regulations and to provide a work environment as free as practicable from recognized hazards. Employees are expected to comply with all safety and health requirements whether established by MDCBDSN or by federal, state or local law.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

October 25, 2001
November 16, 2006
November 18, 2010