Policy: 169



  1. Only those staff members authorized to give medications shall be permitted to administer such medications. To be authorized, a staff person must receive the necessary medication administration training and be certified as a Medical Technician.

  2. All medication shall be kept in a locked box with access to the keys given only to those trained as in #1.

  3. No prescription drugs shall be administered except those in a legal prescription container listing the name of the drug store, name of doctor, date, name of medication and dosage.

  4. Over-the-counter drugs (aspirin, Pepto-Bismal, etc.) are permitted to be given only by authorization of the parent or guardian with authorization being on file in the consumer's folder. The medications must be received in the original container showing name of drug and dosage and must be accompanied by a signed Permission to Administer Drugs form.
  5. Staff are to administer medications as indicated in the Med-Tech training to include proper documentation on the MAR sheet.
  6. Failure of the staff to properly administer medications may result in re-training, disciplinary action or a combination of both.


To provide guidelines for the accountability and administration of medications.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

November 17, 2005
February 24, 2011