Policy: 316

Recruitment and Hiring Staff


The following process will be used to recruit and hire all staff:

  1. Advertisements for the vacant/new position may be placed in the local media.

  2. Written notice of an available position shall be posted prominently at all program sites.

  3. Existing staff will be encouraged to apply for the positions for which they meet the minimum qualifications and/or experience.

  4. The Human Resource Director will review all applications to identify those applicants that meet the minimum qualification and experience requirements.

  5. The Program Administrator will consider all qualified applicants, will interview the top candidates and make hiring recommendations to the Executive Director.

  6. The Human Resource Director will contact references if Executive Director's decision favors the applicant.

  7. The Human Resource Director will verify credentials and previous employment.

  8. The Human Resource Director will check the criminal record and driving record before applicant is given a job offer.

  9. The selected applicant will receive written notification from the Human Resource Director concerning an offer of employment. This notice shall include projected starting date, title of position and starting salary.

  10. The Human Resource Director will notify the Program Administrator of the date that the new employee shall report to work and arrange to have the paperwork process begun.

  11. The new employee shall complete all necessary paperwork for payroll, etc., before he/she reports to work.
  12. An employee shall not work in a direct care position until all of their background checks are completed.


To outline the procedure for hiring qualified staff.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

May 24, 2001
November 17, 2011
April 27, 2017