Policy: 346

Use of Phone and Mail Systems


Personal use of the telephone for long distance is discouraged. Employees should practice discretion when making personal calls and will be required to reimburse MDCBDSN for any charges resulting from their personal use of the telephone.

Personal calls should be limited to 3-5 minutes and should be made during break times.

The use of MDCBDSN-paid postage for personal correspondence is not permitted.

To ensure effective telephone communications, employees should always use the approved greeting and speak in a courteous and professional manner. Please confirm information received from the caller, and hang up only after the caller has done so.

Fax communications of a personal nature may be made with prior approval and paid in advance at the agency reimbursement rate set by finance.

All agency reimbursement rates will be set by finance for personal long-distance and cell phone usage.

Personal cell phones may be used by staff only at break times or in a family emergency situation. Personal cell phones are not to be used while on duty and failure to comply could result in loss of cell phone privileges and/or disciplinary action.

Cell phones are not to be used by drivers while transporting consumers or while using agency vehicles. Cell phone calls while transporting consumers or while using agency vehicles should be made while stopped in a safe area. Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action and possible charges of neglect being made against the driver.


To monitor and control phone expense and set limitations upon the use of personal cellular phones.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

May 24, 2001
November 17, 2005
August 28, 2008