Policy: 131

Involvement of Families


The professional staff and Executive Director shall:

  1. Seek to share information with family members in a manner that is professional and courteous.
  2. Encourage family member and consumer participation in Individual Service Plan meetings. Through on-line newsletter and notices home, families will be informed of dates for special events and activities such as holidays, program excursions, Special Olympics, etc.
  3. Encourage families to schedule visits to program sites and share their observation of program effectiveness in writing to appropriate executive staff.
  4. Provide for the orientation of new consumers to the agency.


The Marion-Dillon County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs encourages the active involvement of family members, parents and guardians in the planning for services for adults enrolled in Board Programs as well as the activities of the agency in behalf of those enrolled.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

October 25, 2001
November 18, 2010