Policy: 176

Agency Cellular Phones


Agency cellular phones will be utilized by staff to conduct agency business as needed.

Cellular phones are to be utilized primarily for business purposes.

Agency cell phones may be issued to certain staf whose job requires them to have access to communications for business purposes. Staff must sign an Agency and Personal Cell Phone Agreement when the phones are issued. Staff may refuse or opt-out of carrying an agency phone at any time by signing the appropriate section on the Agency and Personal Cell Phone Agreement. Should a non-exempt staff be issued an agency phone, they must certify by signing the Agency and Personal Cell Phone Agreement that they will not use the phone for business purposes after working hours. Staff may request permission to use their own personal cell phone for agency business, such as e-mail account, Therap, contacts, etc. The Executive Director or designee will need to sign off on this request. Non-exempt staff must certify they will not conduct agency business on their phone after working hours. Should a termination of the agreement occur, they staff certifies they will delete and erase all agency business information on their personal phone. All staff must abide by the security trainingiven to them each year to ensure all devices they use for agency business are secure with appropriate passwords and/or fingerprint ID's.

Cell phones will be available for direct care staff to sign out when transporting consumers.

At no time are phones to be left in the cars or vans overnight. They are to be returned in at the end of the shift/trip.

Any problems with cell phones are to be reported as soon as possible to the Maintenance Coordinator so the phone can be repaired/replaced.


To establish guidelines for use of agency cellular phones.

Effective Date:
October 1, 1999

November 17, 2005
February 24, 2011
June 27, 2013
July 25, 2013
April 27, 2017