Policy: 185

Resident's Home and Bedroom Door Key Replacement and Lost Key Policy


The first key will be provided by the agency. If a consumer reports to staff that he/she has lost a key to the house. The house lock will need to be re-keyed by maintenance coordinator at a cost of $7.00, which will be the consumer's responsibility to pay. If a consumer reports or if staff discovers that the consumer has lost a key to his/her bedroom. A replacement key will cost from .99 up to $1.50, which will be the consumer's responsibility to pay.

For any lost key, staff will complete an incident report and a maintenance request form for replacement key. The form will indicate if the key was to the house or bedroom to determine the cost to replace the key.

Emergency purposes:

Keys to consumer bedroom and house key will be kept in the home accessible to staff at all times for emergency circumstances. Staff will knock once on the door and wait for a response. If no response for the consumer, then staff will be allowed to open the door with the key to check out the situation and determine course of action.


The purpose of this policy is to address standards in Licensing Key Indicators (#8 & #9) which states that each resident must be provided with a key to his/her bedroom and house unless contraindicated by assessment data. This policy will define the procedure for reporting lost keys and getting replacement keys. The consumer may choose to not have a key to either which must be documented in the resident's chart.

Effective Date:
March 1, 2009