Policy: 188

Individual Clothing and Personal Property


Each person who resides in a Marion Dillon County Board of Disability and Special Needs (MDCBDSN) sponsored residential facility shall be clothed in accordance to their personal preference, within generally accepted standards of age, style and season. The MDCBDSN shall assure that people have sufficient quantities of clothing at all time, in good repair, appropriate to the season.

Any known or justifiably suspected theft or misuse of consumer funds or property by anyone (staff, consumer, or someone in the community) shall be reported under DDSN Directive 534-02-DD Procedures for Preventing and Reporting Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of People Receiving Services from DDSN or a Contracted Provider Agency, unless the incident appears to be random in nature (e.g. the consumer was in the community and was not targeted due to perceived disability).

People's abilities to manage the purchase, maintenance and disposition of clothing and personal items shall be assessed and appropriate training implemented, according to established goals and priorities for the person.

When a person is determined through assessment to be capable of managing the purchase, maintenance and disposition of their own clothing and personal property, their freedom to do so should not be restricted and in such cases, this policy would not apply.


People and/or parents/guardians as appropriate will be notified as to the type and quantities of clothing desired to accompany the person when admitted to a MDCBDSN residential facility.

Each person and/or parent/guardian, as appropriate will be given an explanation as to how clothing and personal property are managed by the agency, provided with a copy of the agency policy and given the opportunity to express personal preferences.

A joint inventory (staff and person or parent/guardian as appropriate) of clothing and property shall be performed at the time of admission. Any item valued at $50.00 or more shall be listed, with the serial number if one exists on an inventory form shall be kept on file. The inventory shall be kept current noting all new purchases and /or deletions of single items valued at $50.00 or more and shall reflect at least a quarterly review.

An inventory of clothing and personal property valued at $50.00 or above will accompany the person upon discharge.

In the case of death, the disposition of all personal items will be done in accordance with the person's or family/guardian's instructions. The inventory will be noted accordingly.

Face masks, exam gloves, tissues and sanitizers will be resupplied as necessary to ensure each location has appropriate amounts. House Managers and Lead Day Program Staff will provide purchase requests to Finance to facilitate necessary supplies.

If a request is made for transfer ownership of equipment such as an outgrown wheelchair, this request shall be first approved by the person or parent/guardian as appropriate and then be completed as follows:

  1. A copy of the original invoice for the equipment shall be secured.
  2. MDCBDSN shall establish a fair market appraisal of the equipment.
  3. A Bill of Sale endorsed by the person and/or guardian shall be prepared for that equipment and forwarded to the Director of Operation following the standard procedures for purchasing equipment.
  4. The inventory list for each person shall reflect the transaction.
  5. In the case that the item was originally purchased by a parent or guardian, Step 1 of these procedures shall be omitted and a document acknowledging the approval of the parent/guardian with their signature shall replace the copy of the original invoice.


This Policy is to ensure compliance with Directive 604-01-DD of the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs dealing with the procedures for the purchase, maintenance and disposition of consumer personal property.

Effective Date:
November 17, 2011