Policy: 205

Budget and Budget Requests


  1. Program expansion proposals are defined as an increase in the number of individuals served in an existing program or the addition of a new program or service. Under capitation policy the SCDDSN will no longer approve provider requests for additional funding unless the SCDDSN is soliciting applications for additional services or supports consistent with their state plan. Capital applications may be submitted at any time during the fiscal year for SCDDSN pre-approved capital projects.

  2. Under capitation, contract amendments will be automatic for cahnges in band funding, or transfers in or out of banded and waiver funded consumers. Contract amendments will also be automatically adjusted for increases in the number of consumers served by service coordination as well as consumers in outlier or nursing outlier status.

  3. The annual budget request in June must include at a minimum the following:
    1. A budget for all administrative and other shared costs.
    2. A cost allocation plan.
    3. A schedule of salaries and employer contributions (fringe benefits) and the number of full time equivalent positions for the entire agency by program area.

  4. It is not necessary to submit budgets for programs.

  5. SCDDSN annually establishes standard funding levels to cover direct and administrative costs for the Early Interventionists.

  6. All budgets must be approved by resolution of the Board. The Board has an option to "rollover" the current approved budget at the end of a fiscal year to the next fiscal year. A new "revised" budget will then be presented at the first board meeting of the fiscal year for approval.

  7. Initiation of budget/contract adjustments with SCDDSN. The contract or budget action may be initiated by the following procedure:

    1. MDCBDSN submits proposal to Central Office.
    2. SCDDSN Central Office initiates contract/budget change.
    3. SCDDSN requests that providers submit proposals of new pre-approved programs or services at least ninety (90) days prior to the proposed starting date.


To establish guidelines for budget and contract adjustment request for services funded by SCDDSN.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

July 25, 2002
June 23, 2011