Policy: 209

Agency Credit Cards


The agency will maintain the Agency Visa Credit Card in the agency safe in Finance. The credit card will be signed out through the Director of Operations or their designee. Justification for use will be documented.

The Agency Credit Card may be utilized for the following situations:

  • Meals during out of town trips.
  • Training seminar reservations.
  • Hotel reservations.
  • Gas (out of town trips).
  • On-line internet purchases.
  • Emergency situations approved by the Executive Director and/or MDCBDSN
  • Ordering needed materials, supplies or goods from locations that will not take checks or purchase orders.

Approval must be obtained from the Executive Director and/or designee prior to the use of the Agency Visa Credit Card.

An Agency Purchase request form must be filled out with the items being requested and turned in prior to authorization with an estimate of expenses. For emergency situations, a verbal approval may be obtained. In the event of an Emergency, written approval must be obtained by completing the Agency.

Purchase Request Form within 24 hours or on the next working day (if the emergency occurred on the weekend).

Receipts must be obtained for all Credit Card Purchases and attached to the Agency Purchase Request Form. For purchases made over the phone, the invoice must be attached to the Purchase Request Form when it arrives.

The Purchase Request form must be turned in to the Finance Office within 5 days of the purchase. For purchases made over the phone, the invoices will be attached once they are received in the mail and purchases verified.

All purchases must be for business purposes only.

The cost of meals charged to the agency credit card above the approved reimbursable rates will be re-paid to the agency.

The agency will also maintain Wal-Mart credit cards. (Wal-Mart no longer accepts purchase orders). Wal-Mart credit cards shall be maintained by the Director of Operations or their designee at the Dillon Center and by the Executive Assistant or designee at the Marion Center. Approved purchase orders will need to be presented in order to sign-out the card. A log will be kept by the staff assigned to maintain the cards. The purchase order number will be documented on the log. The Wal-Mart card will be signed back within 24 hours of the purchase along with the receipts for the purchase. The staff making the purchase will initial and date the receipt. Whenever possible, items should be verified by another staff person by initialing the receipts.

All purchases will be in accordance with the procedures set forth by the MDCBDSN and SCDDSN.

All credit card bills will be paid in full on a monthly basis to ensure the credit of the MDCBDSN is maintained.

Unauthorized use or misuse of the Agency Credit Card will result in disciplinary action up to dismissal.


To establish guidelines for the use of agency credit cards.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

July 25, 2002
June 23,2011