Policy: 332d

Worker's Compensation


  1. Any injury to staff no matter how small should be reported to their immediate supervisor.

  2. The injured staff or supervisor will call State Accident Fund to get directions on treatment. Should medical attention be required an initial report of injury form will be completed. If it is a critical emergency, medical attention should be sought immediately to include 911 if needed.

  3. The staff or supervisor should submit an initial report of injury form to Human Resources within twenty four (24) hours.

  4. Copies of the initial report of injury are provided in all units and centers as well as Human Resources.

  5. Should an accident occur on the weekend, the employee will notify their supervisor and the staff will complete the initial report of injury form and leave it for the supervisor o review. The supervisor should discuss with the employee exactly what happened, where it happened, and if there were any witnesses. The supervisor should then complete the initial report of injury form and immediately submit it to Human Resources. Failure to complete the initial report of injury form could delay services related to staff injury.

  6. Employees who are injured on the job will be required to use all available sick leave for any lost time. Upon exhaustion of sick leave the employee will then be eligible for leave without pay, up to the 12 weeks as required by FMLA. Human Resources will notify the employee of their compensation rights under the SC Worker's Compensation Law.

  7. The injured worker must contact their supervisor each week to give an update on their condition.

  8. Any employee who can return to work for light duty when released by the physician should contact Human Resources for assignment.


To provide supervisors and staff procedures to be used when accessing worker's compensation benefits.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

May 24, 2001
June 27, 2019