Policy: 333

Employees Attending School During Working Hours


It is recognized that occasionally employees may need to attend school during working hours. Should such a request be made by the employee the following must be considered:

  1. The employee must be full-time permanent and exempt from overtime and therefore can flex his/her schedule within the pay period.
  2. The employee must have been with the agency for at least one (1) year and in good standing with their work caught up.
  3. The coursework must be related to the employee's job duties or possible future job duties with the agency and to the overall mission of the agency.
  4. The employee is able to leave within the requested time with none of very limited involvement from any other employee or their supervisor to handle their work load.

Requests for 1.5 hours or less per day may be approved by the Executive Director with time being made up (flexed) by the employee during the workweek. (Not to exceed 7.5 hours per week.)

The Marion-Dillon County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs must approve any request for over 1.5 hours per day. The request will first be approved by the Executive Director and placed on the agenda at the next Board meeting. Personal information about the employee will only be discussed in executive session. Requests for over 3 hours per day will not be considered and the employee would need to request leave without pay (educational leave Policy 332).

This request is to be submitted in writing to the Executive Director as far in advance as possible but within four (4) weeks prior to the beginning of classes. If needing Board approval it will be placed on the agenda for the next Board meeting.

Note: Employees requesting leave without pay for educational leave must submit leave forms as indicated in policy 332.


To establish a means of employees attending school during their scheduled working hours. For the means of this policy, school will be defined as any classes that are personal in nature and paid for by the employee.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

May 24, 2001
June 26, 2008