Policy: 108

Selection of Executive Director


The Board of Directors shall have recruitment procedures which include the following:

  • A Selection Committee will cause or have caused the statewide advertisement of the vacancy of the Executive Director position.
  • The committee shall have the decision of the length of time the ad is to be run in the paper, but no less than two (2) weekends.
  • Once applications have been received and deadline met, the chairman of the committee will have reference checks run on each candidate deemed appropriate for the position. This shall follow standard hiring procedure.
  • The committee shall interview individuals selected by the committee. Once the committee decides on candidates to appear before the Board then SLED checks are conducted.
  • Once these individuals have been selected as candidates for the position, the committee will have the candidates interviewed by the entire Board of Directors.
  • The Board, on the recommendation of the Selection Committee, shall have the final decision on the person for the position.

Minimum qualifications for the Executive Director should be a bachelor degree from an accredited college/university in human services with five (5) years experience in human service three of which is in supervision.

The Board will determine salary and approve the job description.

The Board has a right to refuse all applicants and reinstate the procedure.


To establish guidelines in the recruitment and hiring of an Executive Director for the Marion-Dillon County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998