Policy: 126

Annual Strategic Planning


Annually the Executive Director, Supervisors, staff and Board shall develop an annual action containing goals and objectives for each program component. The Annual Action Plan shall be presented, reviewed and adopted by the Board at the June meeting of the Board.

The Executive Director will provide periodic updates concerning progress towards the achievement of goals and objectives as well as the need for periodic revision to the plan.

The Administration and Board shall seek input from all shareholders such as the community, staff, parents/guardians, consumers and other human service providers as well as the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs in the planning for and development of the Annual Action Plan. In addition, interviews, surveys and official evaluations of the agency by State and Federal review authorities shall be utilized in the development of the Plan.


Annually the Administration, Staff and Board shall develop, approve, implement and evaluate annual and strategic goals and objectives for programs and services operated or made available by the Board.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

October 25, 2001
November 18, 2010