Policy: 150

Maintenance of MDCBDSN Property and Equipment


Each Program area or Residential unit shall be responsible for maintaining all Board equipment and property assigned to that unit.

  1. Vehicle Maintenance
    Vehicle Maintenance is to ensure safe operating conditions and prolong useful life of all agency vehicles. A uniform schedule for preventive maintenance for all vehicles has been established in accordance with manufacturer and state recommendations. Vehicle maintenance is scheduled with the primary user.
    The Maintenance Coordinator schedules with the primary user maintenance or tasks due and location for the service. The primary user notifies the Maintenance Coordinator if additional service is needed. A purchase order will be obtained for the services.
  2. Health Safety
    Emergency maintenance needs which are those that impact the life, health, and safety of the consumers we serve are to be handled immediately. Staff should call the maintenance cell number and report the emergency and then follow-up by completing a "Maintenance Request Form", indicating "EMERGENCY REQUEST", on the front of the request then utilize the same procedure as above.
    If there is no response to the page within (30) thirty minutes, then the staff are to report to the Director of Operation Supports.
    Maintenance Coordinator will respond immediately to emergency maintenance needs and will report the need to the Director of Operation Supports or designee as soon as possible, but within 24 hours of the emergency service.
  3. Other Maintenance Needs
    The Staff of each Residential Facility or Center is responsible for maintaining the property and equipment assigned to their area. Maintenance needs should be reported by any staff member on a maintenance request to the ES-B or DS-B who is to review, sign, and submit to the Maintenance Coordinator with a copy left at the facility and a copy to the appropriate county Residential Administrator.
    Routine types of maintenance needs such as general housekeeping, cleaning/replacing HVAC filter, changing light bulbs, spraying facilities for bugs, treating fire ant mounds, will be the responsibility of the staff in the facility location. "Maintenance Request Forms", should not be completed for these types of maintenance needs listed above. These items may be added to normal supply purchase requests for approval.
  4. Preventive Maintenance
    Monthly health, safety, and preventive maintenance inspections shall be performed by DSB's, ESB's, and Residential Administrators. Any maintenance needs discovered should be reported to the Maintenance Coordinator via a maintenance request. Remember any health and safety issues should be reported (immediately) verbally to the Maintenance Coordinator with a maintenance request to follow.


To assure all property and equipment are maintained in a safe operating condition.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

November 19, 2009
November 18, 2010