Policy: 163

Discharge Policy


Reason for discharge (termination of services) from the Marion-Dillon County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs or any of its functioning units will be for any of the following reasons:

  1. Inability to function and progress in the programs offered by MDCBDSN in such a way as not to benefit the consumer.
  2. Transferring the consumer into the public school program or related program i.e., Vocational Rebab, etc.
  3. Placement on jobs in the community for which he/she is best suited from whom he/she obtain gainful employment under adequate supervision for up to one year or as determined by the Program Team.
  4. Total refusal on the part of the consumer and/or the family to cooperate and strive toward maximum achievement. This would include disobedience, absenteeism, and constant harassment by the consumer and/or his family toward other consumers and/or staff.
  5. Moving of the family out of the area being served by the agency.
  6. Death of the consumer.

All records of discharged consumers are stored in a secure location and contain a final discharge report These records will be maintained for at least a six (6) year period of time. After this time, files may be shredded, but agency will maintain the consumer's name, entry and exit date, last known address and date of birth.


  1. The family will be contacted by the Service Coordinator who will discuss the problem we are having with the consumer and/or family. This will be done by phone, certified letter or home visit followed by an appointment for the family to come into the program situation to discuss the matter with the program staff. All contacts will be written and filed in the consumer's chart on a contact form.
  2. If the situation cannot be remedied and the consumer is determined to be not suitable for the program, a discharge summary with recommendations will be forwarded to SCDDSN District Office.
  3. The consumer/family may appeal discharge of terminations to the District director within 15 days of termination.

It is the policy of this agency to discharge an consumer after all steps have been taken to prevent the discharge.

In the event prior behaviors continue to exist during the termination procedure, the following steps will be taken:
A staffing will be scheduled to develop a course of action to determine the consumer's attendance at the program, staffing patterns during the process and/or suspension until the hearing is held.


The discharge summary will include the following:

  1. Consumer's progress or current status of developmental level and skills.
  2. Recommendation for future programs.
  3. Progress on goals.
  4. Recommendations by staff.
  5. Discharge Summary will be completed and filed in consumer's file within 15 days of discharge to include the reason for discharge.
  6. Signature sheet of program team members present at meeting.

Discharge from Residential Program will abide by SCDDSN Directive #502-01-DD.


To establish guidelines for discharge of consumers from services provided by MDCBDSN.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

February 24, 2011