Policy: 165

Grievance Policy for Consumers of Services


Should a consumer served by MDCBDSN have a grievance to appeal a decision made by the agency or program, the procedure below shall be followed:

  1. Consumers or family members on their behalf should request a conference with the Service Coordinator, staff person or immediate supervisor over the consumer. It will be the responsibility of this team to hear promptly and courteously all grievances registered and to try to clarify and make reasonable adjustments.
  2. Should the conference with the team not sufficiently address the grievance, then a written grievance may be completed and submitted to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will have up to 10 business days to respond.
  3. Should the response from the Executive Director not satisfy the grievance, then the grievance may go before the next Human Rights Committee meeting.
  4. Should the Human Rights Committee not satisfy the grievance then a written grievance report may be filed to the SCDDSN District Director.
  5. Appeals of decisions by SCDDSN for eligibility or level of care will be made as required by SCDDSN Directive #535-11-DD and/or SCDDSN Directive #100-30-DD.
  6. Complaints regarding services will be handled per MDCBDSN policy #186 - Reporting and Resolution Procedure.


To provide a method whereby consumers can appeal decisions regarding the provision of services and programs.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

February 24, 2011