Policy: 334

Individual Personnel Records


  1. Each individual's personnel file shall contain at a minimum the following:
    1. Employment application.
    2. Notice of personnel actions.
    3. Annual performance evaluations.
    4. Report of any injury.
    5. Reference checks.
    6. SLED report.
    7. Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Check.
    8. Sex Offender Check.
    9. Results of initial and annual PPD.
    10. Education (High school diploma, GED, College degree); an official record is required (transcript).
    11. Official Highway Department driving record and copy of driver's license.
    12. Any disciplinary action with documentation of consultation and action taken.
    13. Copy of Social Security card.
    14. Attendance and Leave Record.
    15. Related correspondence.
    16. I-9.
    17. Results of physical.
    18. Results of drug test.

  2. An employee's personnel file shall be made available for the employee's review upon request. These records are the property of MDCBDSN and are considered confidential.

  3. Under the Freedom of Information Act anyone has the right to reasonable access to salary information on Agency employees. The following procedure shall be followed:
    1. Request for salary information must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director.
    2. Request must be signed and dated by the person requesting the information.
    3. Person making request should request an appointment during regular business hours to receive information.
    4. The Agency should release only the employee's position title and salary range if less than $50,000.
    5. Should the employee's salary be $50,000 or more the salary grade and job description may be released upon request.
    6. Any further disclosure should come only if the employee authorized release in writing or if a court of competent jurisdiction orders such disclosure.
    7. A response will be forwarded within fifteen (15) days.

  4. Employee records shall be secure at all times and a sign out sheet will be used when a file needs to be reviewed.


To establish and maintain Human Resource Management Records on each employee of MDCBDSN.

Effective Date:
June 1, 1998

May 24, 2001
February 24, 2005