Policy: 374

Employee Bonus, Recognition Plan


It is the desire of the Marion-Dillon County Bd. of DSN to recognize employees who have given faithful service to the Board for a job well done. Given this, the Board desires to have a bonus and recognition plan as outlined below.

Employee Bonus:

Permanent full-time employees of the Marion-Dillon County Bd. of DSN may be eligible for a bonus each year based on their individual accomplishments and contributions to the agency. Listed below are possible examples that could warrant a bonus award. Temporary and part-time employees are not eligible for the bonus.

  1. Employee receives a score of 63 or more as rated by the "Employee Performance Evaluation Calculator" spreadsheet on their annual evaluation that clearly displays exceptional work that has produced a measurable contribution to the success of the agency.
  2. Employee has completed exceptional work in regards to services to consumers.
  3. Employee has completed exceptional work in regards to meeting contract compliance standards and/or licensing requirements; whereby upon review in their area, no deficiencies are found and no financial sanctions are imposed.
  4. Employee has completed exceptional work in regards to health, safety and accountability of our consumers which clearly indicates a significant improvement in these processes.
  5. Employee has completed exceptional work which has improved efficiency, organizational productivity and/or work processes.
  6. Employee has completed exceptional work in controlling costs that has saved the agency money.
  7. Employee has made other specific contributions to the success of the agency.

The Supervisor of the employee may recommend a bonus on a bonus recommendation form at the time the exceptional work is performed, or at the time of the employee's annual evaluation. The bonus recommendation form must clearly justify how the employee's actions have met at least one of the above criteria.

The recommended bonus will be forwarded to each supervisor up the chain of command for their recommendations and comments. The Executive Director will have final approval authority for the bonus and may award a bonus amount based on recommendations from the supervisors.

The range of possible bonus will be from $50 to $500, in increments of $25. Final consideration of awards for bonuses will be in June of the Fiscal Year. The agency's financial situation will be considered when making final awards.

At that time, if approved, the Executive Director will sign off on the bonus recommendation form and forward the original to Human Resources to be filed in the employee's personnel file. Human Resources will send a copy to finance to be processed for payment in July. The signed bonus recommendation form with attached justifications will be considered appropriate documentation as to why the bonus has been awarded.

An employee cannot receive more than one (1) bonus per fiscal year. The bonus will be paid with a regular paycheck. Payroll taxes will be taken from the bonus. The bonus will not be subject to retirement. The bonus amount will be included in the employee's W-2. The bonus check will be issued to recipients in July but will be charged to the Prior Fiscal Year.

The Executive Director will be in-eligible to receive a bonus.

Recognition of Employees:

Annual recognition of employees will be made by nominations being made from supervisors for Day Program, Residential, Professional and Administrative "Employees of the Year". Nominations must be made by June 15th of the fiscal year, submitted to the Executive Administrative Assistant. Final decisions for "Employees of the Year" will be made by the Executive Director. "Employees of the Year" will have their name engraved on two (2) agency plaques displayed at the "Marion Center Workshop" and the "Dillon Center". "Employees of the Year will also receive a certificate, have their name and picture printed in the agency and local newspapers and posted on the agency website along with a one hundred dollar ($100) gift card.

The agency will also recognize employees during the year for "efforts above and beyond their normal duties" that have had a positive effect on our consumer(s) through our V.I.E. (Very Important Employee) Program as outlined in Policy 376.


To establish guidelines for employee bonus program and employee recognition program.

Effective Date:
November 18, 2004

August 28, 2008
June 25, 2009
April 27, 2017