Policy: 376

V.I.E. for Excellence

It is the desire of the Marion-Dillon County Bd. of DSN (MDCBDSN) to recognize employees who go above and beyond to make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities and special needs. Therefore, the V.I.E. "Very Important Employee", for excellence program is being established to reward those who go out of their way to benefit our consumers and or the agency in a meaningful way.

Our intention is to "catch" employees doing something good, rather than something bad.


  1. Each Executive Staff and supervisor will be allotted a number of V.I.E. cards that may be given to any employee whom they feel has gone beyond the call of duty for our consumers and/or our agency. The number allotted will be determined by the Director of Operations with the amount placed in budgets with final approval by the Executive Director.
  2. The supervisor will complete and forward the other half of the card to the Executive Assistant.
  3. The Executive Assistant will notify the Quality Enhancement Administrator of the Award in order to get the employee's name on the agency website and in the agency newsletter.
  4. The Executive Assistant will ensure that a certificate will be completed, along with a $50 gift card.
  5. The Executive Administrative Coordinator will make arrangements with the V.I.E. recipient to pick up their certificate and gift card and a picture of the presentation will be made with the Executive Director or his designee.
  6. The Executive Assistant will forward a copy of the certificate to the V.I.E. recipient work location for display.

All employees that work for the MDCBDSN are eligible to receive a V.I.E. for Excellence Award. V.I.E. for Excellence Awards may be given more than once but no more than twice to the same employee in a fiscal year. A copy of the V.I.E. for Excellence certificate will be placed in the Recipient's Personnel File.


To establish guidelines for the agency "V.I.E. for Excellence" award program.

Effective Date:
September 1, 2007

April 27, 2017